Internet-based activities

The internet offers an enormous amount of resources that we can include in our lessons

What should you consider before selecting a specific site or tool? Discuss with your partners and write down 3 golden rules before using a specific digital aid.

The following links contain many online activities. Take some time exploring them and choose one to be integrated in the following situations:

1. 8th grade class with 35 students. The classroom has a datashow and speakers. The learners need to improve their reading skills. The teacher has detected that one of the problems is the lack of vocabulary. Unfortunately the students are not very motivated.

2. II medio class with 30 students. There is a possibility to take them to the computer lab once a week. The students are studying a unit about the environment and the teacher need to develop listening and speaking skills in the context of problem-solving.

English Blog


New York Times

British Council

Internet 4 classrooms

These lessons must comply with the following principles:

  • Topics are global issues
  • Students interact with authentic material
  • Students will apply a variety of strategies
  • There is balance between form and meaning
  • Teachers are facilitators

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