Cátedra 1: Instructions

1. Use the lesson plan format given by your practicum professor.

2. Write a description of your school and class.

3. Choose one linguistic skill.

4. Be VERY clear about the EXPECTED OUTCOMES.

5. The task is to create digital resources to achieve the outcomes in a more meaninful way.

6. You must use at least ONE of the following tools:

Reading: online newspapers

Writing: google docs

Speaking: ustream

Listening: podcasts


7. Your warm up should be based on the lexical approach; therefore,  you can use  any of these platforms to activate vocabulary or teach new words:

Vocabulary tools

8. Besides, you will choose two other digital platforms to achieve the expected outcomes.

WEB 2.0

Best of web 2.0

9. You lesson plan has to include all the links to find  the digital activities online.

10. Post your lesson plan on Edmodo.


You will be able to use September 26th session to finish your project.



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