Building your Personal Learning Network

Learning in the XXI century is changing at an extremely accelerated speed. One way to respond to this revolution is to create our own PLN (Personal Learning Network).

According to Christopher Parsons, the four things that we have to do with the content shared on the web are:

Read: Read/watch/listen the content you are presented with

Evaluate: Decide if the content is appropriate for a specific task.

Critique: Reflect on the material and form your opinion about it.

Write: Share your critique with others.

The following tools may help you externalize your knowledge-building.





Watch this video and answer the questions below:

1. Explain the two considerations when building a PLN.

2. In what way is a PLN  a “Two Way Street”?

3. Why are teachers responsible for their own professional development?

4. How does a PLN look like?

5. What are some tools to keep up with development?

6. What are the uses of Diigo and Evernote?

7. What are other ways of communication for academic institutions?

8. Mention tools to collaborate with others.

9. What is the best tool to learn from other colleagues?

10. Mention the uses of the typical applications that the speaker has on his browser? (gmail, google reader, evernote, twitter etc)


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